AAX launches Blockmeter to show publishers how much they could be making from ad blockers in real time

Free tool allows publishers to measure their potential revenue lift from monetizing an untapped ad-blocking audience

New York, USA and Berlin, Germany – June 3, 2019 – AAX, the Acceptable Ads Exchange, today announced the launch of Blockmeter. Blockmeter is a free tool that enables publishers to measure the potential revenue lift they would generate from displaying Acceptable Ads to the segment of their audience that is using content-filtering software but willing to see less intrusive advertisements.

20% of all internet users have an ad blocker; of these, 90% agree to view certain non-invasive advertisements, namely Acceptable Ads. This is a tech-savvy, valuable demographic that represents a sizeable market share. Studies show that members of this demographic1:

  • are 80% more likely to make online purchases than non-ad-blocking users2;
  • are not against ads, because they believe in the rights of content creators and in the value exchange between users and content creators3;

  • generate 15% more page impressions than non-ad-blocking users4.

These valued users—who have an ad blocker installed and are opted in to the Acceptable Ads program—can be efficiently monetized by publishers who run Acceptable Ads as an additional revenue channel to their existing ones.

“We’ve launched Blockmeter to help publishers measure how much revenue they’d be leaving on the table by not monetizing their ad-blocking users, who are willing to see non-intrusive, respectful ads,” said Frederick Leuschner, CEO at AAX.

“The Acceptable Ads Exchange enables publishers to show consent-based advertising to their unique ad-blocking audience, thus helping them generate additional ad inventory that would otherwise remain untapped. Blockmeter is a simple way for publishers to see beforehand what their revenue lift might be, ” added Rotem Dar, Head of Commercialization at AAX.

Blockmeter is completely free to use for any publisher who wants to see how much more money they could be making from this valuable audience, no strings attached. To find out more about Blockmeter, please visit https://aaxmedia.dxdemos.online/blockmeter/. To express an interest in using the tool, please fill in the form at https://aaxmedia.dxdemos.online/try-blockmeter/.

About AAX

Acceptable Ads Exchange (AAX) is a programmatic marketplace that allows publishers, advertisers, and users to benefit from a healthy, respectful and human ecosystem. AAX is committed to a fair and profitable value exchange between user, marketer, and content provider.

By working with AAX, publishers are able to access and monetize over 150 million ad-filtering users with specially formatted ads consented to by those users and curated by an independent non-profit organization. For marketers it means the opportunity to target this precious user group which they otherwise have no access to.

Follow AAX on Twitter at @www.aax.media and read our updates at https://aaxmedia.dxdemos.online/news. For more information, please visit https://aaxmedia.dxdemos.online/about/.

* according to the Global Ad-Blocking Behavior report, the ad-blocking rate of websites with an audience aged 15-44 is between 20-32%

** Deloitte’s Technology, Media and Telecommunications Predictions 2018

*** YouGov Adblock User Report

**** Mozilla Report

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