Blockmeter: a free tool for publishers

Measure the potential revenue lift of monetizing an untapped ad-blocking audience.

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Visualize additional pageviews

Pageviews play a key role in online publishers’ success. A high percentage of ad blocking users are digital natives and generate high numbers of pageviews.

Generate additional ad inventory that would otherwise remain untapped

Measure revenue generated by displaying Acceptable Ads to an audience that uses content-filtering software...but is also willing to see respectful, non-intrusive advertisements.

Monitor user traffic

By understanding the sources of additional users, it’s possible to measure the quality of new traffic.

Acceptable Ads users…

are young, highly-educated, and employed with high salaries.
are more likely to make a purchase after seeing an online ad.
spend more money online and purchase more digital content.
are valuable to advertisers and can generate incremental revenue.
Blockmeter is a free tool offered by AAX to help publishers quantify their ad-blocking audience and assign a monetary value to it. Using this tool does not generate any obligation on either side. The estimates provided do not constitute future earning guarantees.
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