AAX Integrates With Amazon Publisher Services To Facilitate Easy Access To Industry Leading Ad-Block Monetization Solution

AAX, the industry leader in permission-based monetization solutions for ad-blocked inventory, now enables media companies and content owners to integrate its solution directly from within the Amazon Publisher Services (APS) platform.

AAX works with ad-blocking companies to reach consumers who deploy ad blockers but who have opted-in to be shown ads they deem acceptable. Using AAX, publishers can monetize valuable audiences which previously represented lost revenue. This new incremental revenue source can now be unlocked in a few simple clicks in the APS Connection Marketplace.
By embedding AAX into APS, customers don’t have to add additional code. They can generate substantial, incremental revenue by converting readers that used to cost them money into readers that make them money,” noted AAX’s CEO, Scott Schwanbeck.

The use of ad blockers remains on the rise as users become increasingly frustrated by intrusive ads, more aware of dubious data collection practices and more sophisticated in leveraging ad-blocking tools. AAX has developed a robust but easy-to-use solution that lets publishers fairly and honestly generate revenue for the content they create while at the same time putting users in control of the ads they see – a win-win in terms of mitigating negative browsing experiences.

Our goal is to make our solution as easy to access as it can be and to build a bridge to users who see and feel the need to deploy ad blockers,” added Schwanbeck. “Our globally distributed team will continue to develop alliances around the world with key industry players like Amazon as part of our larger, overall mission of enabling publishers to use our tech however is most convenient, efficient, and effective for them.

The AAX solution is fully live with-in the APS Connections Marketplace. For more information, please contact your APS Representative or reach out to us directly at: aaxmedia.dxdemos.online/contact-us.