Posted on April 7, 2022

How Selfless Are Ad Blocking Users?

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Politics isn’t just about Democrat vs. Republican.

Political decisions are predominantly values-based, especially among undecided voters, voters considering a change in political party allegiance, or voters that don’t have a strong tradition of voting one way or another.

That’s why AAX wanted to look into the nuances of the values that ad filterers, the 95% of users that choose to run an ad blocker but have also consented to see ads.

We took a look at some of the altruistic values that ad filterers hold. It’s an interesting split:
more than half of ad filterers are concerned about helping others and helping the environment, and less than half are concerned with feeling accepted and contributing to their immediate community.

The question was phrased in terms of importance: which of the following things are important to you. The possible categories?

    • Contributing to my community

    • Feeling accepted by others

    • Helping others before myself

    • Helping the environment

The last two categories saw positive response rates of 56.1% and 54.5%, respectively. The first two sections? 46% and 37.6%.

Is Altruism Politicized?

And, although finding these altruistic values important doesn’t necessarily correlate with voting either Democrat or Republican, there is a link between several of these stated values and an overall pattern of party allegiance.

For example, as stated by Pew Research, “trust in climate scientists is low among Republicans; considerably higher among liberal Democrats.” Belief in climate change is similarly politically charged: only 15% of conservative and 34% of moderate Republicans believe that “Earth is warming due to human activity,” whereas 63% of moderate Democrats and 79% of liberal Democrats believe the same. (Source)

Altruism, it seems, runs the gamut, from being seemingly universal and unconnected to any particular political party or affiliation to being deeply politicized and particularly attached to allegiance to either Democrats or Republicans.


AAX is devoted to knowing everything there is to know about ad filterers. In one previous study we looked into what makes this demographic unique, another study examined their purchasing habits, and our most recent study dug deep into ad filterer motivation: the reasons ad filterers avoid advertisements, and how and why those reasons change.

Our passion for all things ad filterer is why we’ve turned our attention to an issue that’s capturing everyone’s attention: ad filterers’ political profiles. We’ve looked through the fascinating findings over at the GlobalWebIndex (GWI) to compile a new study—American Ad Blocking Users’ Political Profile—available for free download in May 2022.