Posted on April 27, 2021

Why Block Ads? AAX’s New Study Investigates.

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There are some questions that haunt the ad space.

What motivates people to block ads? What are the reasons that users weigh before installing ad blockers? What factors influence these decisions?

That’s why we penned Why Block Ads? Behind User Reasons and Motivations— in order to get to the bottom of these issues. We consulted the treasure trove of data that the GlobalWebIndex (GWI) keeps about online behavior, and teased out answers to pressing questions including:

  • How has COVID-19 changed ad filterers attitudes towards ad blocking?
  • Does education level inform ad blocking behavior?
  • Have ad blocking behaviors changed over the last four years?
  • Is there a difference in the ways that generations view ad blocking?


  • What are the main reasons that people block ads?

The questions get even more pressing when discussing the demographic of ad filterers. These are the 95% of users that have an ad blocker installed on their device but still consent to be served ads.

And it’s these users AAX zeroes in on in our latest study, Why Block Ads? Behind User Reasons and Motivations.

As AAX explored in our last study, ad filterers are a group with unsurpassed purchasing power and online activity. And, as we detailed in our first report, ad filterers lead the pack in terms of brand discovery and their appetite for digital content.

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