Posted on December 7, 2021

The Ultimate Ad Blocking User Holiday Gift Guide

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We know that ad blocking users, and especially ad filterers, who are defined by the GlobalWebIndex (GWI) as “users who have blocked ads in the past month but discover brands or products through ads seen online and have clicked on an online ad in the past month” love brand discovery, being engaged online, and buying digital content.

But what’s less known about ad filterers is their love of online shopping.

Over the course of the pandemic, we’ve all spent more time online: working, socializing, and, yes, participating in a little retail therapy. But studies show that ad filterers are perhaps even more interested in buying online than their non-ad blocking counterparts.

And we even know a bit about what they like to buy.

So what are the ad filterers in your life likely to be buying—and wrapping, and topping with a bow—this holiday season? We have a few ideas.

The Pricey Splurges

If the ad filterer in your life is feeling indulgent, they might decide to give you a wellness experience—think a day at a spa. Data from the GWI show that ad filterers are twice as likely as non-ad blocking users to buy experiential gifts like day spa treatments online.

Or they might elect to purchase some tech: think headphones, gaming consoles, computer games, or desktop PCs.

Ad filterers are between two and a half and three times more likely than non- ad blocking users to online ship for some nice noise-cancelling headphones, a PS5, or Call of Duty Vanguard for their nearest and dearest.

The Small Tokens

But it’s not all grand gestures with ad filterers. They also buy little things online—the kind of gifts that make ideal stocking stuffers, fourth- or fifth-night-of-Hannukah gifts, Kwanzaa extras, or just a small little somethings to show they care.

So if your favorite ad filterer hands you a tiny box, what might it contain?

According to GWI, ad filterers make a lot of what are called “minor purchases” online. Minor purchases are divided into three categories:

media like music, movies, newspapers, and magazines
hygiene articles like shaving equipment, personal grooming products
gift cards

On average, ad filterers spend two- to three times as much on these minor purchases as non-ad blocking users.

So if you’re unwrapping a flat present from a beloved ad filterer, chances are pretty good that it’s a gift card.

And if the gift is in a box? Well, chances are you’re in for a wellness-related treat. Maybe it’s a fancy shaving kit or some luxurious body butter, some K-beauty face masks or cuticle oil, foot scrub or beard balm. Whatever it is, you’re bound to feel pampered.

Happy Holidays, Ad Filterer-Style

We hope this guide doesn’t affect the magic and suspense of your holiday season. But we don’t think it will.

After all, if we know one thing about the dynamic, curious, intelligent demographic of ad filterers…it’s that they’re always full of surprises.